"The Easy Way To Buy A Preowned Vehicle"

What is the "Market Based Pricing" Methodology?
Market-Based Pricing Methodology is a pricing strategy used to evaluate competitive prices of similar products being offered within a market. Honda of Fayetteville uses this approach to offer our Pre-Owned vehicle customers competitive, market-based prices. We strive to offer prices that are among the best values in the Mid-west and Central markets.

What is Honda of Fayetteville Market Based Pricing?
Honda of Fayetteville's Market Based Pricing is what our Pre-Owned vehicle customers have been asking for. A stress-free and easy pre-owned vehicle buying experience that is based on three (3) principles:

   1.  An Upfront, Fair, and Aggressive Price:
    At Honda of Fayetteville, we use state-of-the-art software to scan the surrounding market for Pre-Owned vehicles comparable in year, and mileage. We also consider features, equipment and quality of certification. From there, we quickly analyze and adjust our prices to offer the best value in the market. We are always up-front to our customers.

   2.  A Transparent and Honest Sales Process:
    Honda of Fayetteville's Market-Based Pricing allows us to provide our Pre-Owned vehicle customers transparency. We want to provides shoppers with a better purchase experience. We provide an easy and transparent process from start to finish. Our Market-Based Pricing provides you with all the information up front. This eliminates what seems to be hours of endless negotiation. While providing you with more time to focus on what's important, enjoying your new vehicle!

    3. Vehicles You Can Trust:
    Along with Market-Based pricing, we provide a full CARFAX vehicle history report, service history, and vehicle conditioning report with purchase. You will have the confidence that you are purchasing a quality, well-maintained vehicle from a dealership you can trust.