After a long winter, your vehicle could use some maintenance to gear up for spring. At Honda of Fayetteville, we offer convenient and professional spring maintenance. Spring is one of the most important times of the year to service your vehicle. Winter weather causes a lot of stress on your vehicle, which should be addressed as soon as possible. We inspect and address all the issues brought on by winter to get your vehicle back to like-new condition. Schedule a service appointment online or come visit our service center when it's convenient for you.

Why is Spring Maintenance Important?

Driving through the winter months causes a lot of stress on your vehicle that needs to be addressed. Spring and summer are times for outdoor adventures and traveling. To ensure that your vehicle is ready for those adventures, it's important to service it in the spring.

What is Spring Servicing?

One of the most crucial spring services is getting your oil changed. Throughout the winter, dirt, road salt, and other debris gets into your engine. Your oil catches it and filters it out through the filter, allowing clean oil to lubricate and cool the parts. When you travel too many miles, the motor oil will get dirty. This causes engine wear and heightens fuel consumption, causing you to fill up more often. To avoid costly engine problems, you should get your oil changed in the spring.

Do you still have your winter tires on? Now's the time to changeover your tires, and we can do it quickly and conveniently. We also offer professional brake servicing to ensure that your vehicle is safe and ready for spring and summer.

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