With summer in full swing, now's the right time to rotate your tires in Fayetteville. Rotating your tires is an important service that should be done every six months. However, there's other factors that come in to play, especially the summer heat. It's important that your tires have the right amount of tread. Because the front-wheels' tread wears down faster than the rear tires do, you need to rotate them regularly. It not only promotes equal tire wear, but it also increases your vehicle's performance. At Honda of Fayetteville, we offer fast and convenient tire rotations on every make and model. Schedule a tire rotation online or visit our service center today.

Why Are Tire Rotations so Important?

Buying a new set of tires can be expensive. That's why you want to continue using the same tires for as long as you possibly can. Having the proper amount of tread on your tires makes your vehicle safer and helps it reach its peak performance.

Your front tires wear down faster than your rear tires do. The front tires steer to the left and right, causing more friction than the always front facing rear tires. To promote equal tire wear, it's important to get your tires rotated every six months or every 6,000 miles. There are factors that can skew those numbers though, including the type of driving you do and the weather. During the summer, the heat can affect tire wear. That's why we encourage you to get your tires rotated today.

Schedule a Tire Rotation Online Today

We invite all drivers around Fayetteville to schedule a tire rotation online and keep your tires perform better for longer.

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